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Chief Rabbi of Israel David Lau at the JMC

Chief Rabbi of Israel, David Lau had visited the Jewish Museum of Cyprus on Wednesday this week.

During the visit to the Jewish Museum, Chief Rabbi Lau had a long conversation with Mrs. Ehernberg, the daughter of the former Chief Rabbi of Cyprus Yehoshua Menachem Ehernberg who shared vivid memories from the British Internment Camps in Cyprus where over 53,000 Jews were held and over 2,000 babies born during the period of 1946-1949.

The visit was part of the periodical Rabbinical Conference of the Jewish communities of Cyprus in which Chief Rabbi Lau delivered important Torah lectures to Rabbis and Jewish leaders from all over Cyprus.

JEWISH MUSEUM CYPRUS 4 Apollodorou 6020 Larnaca Cyprus +357 24668753

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