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VISAS for freedom

A huge thank you to the Embassy of Spain, Susana Martínez Vellón & Manuel de la Iglesia Anglada for bringing to us the wonderful exhibit "Visas for Freedom".

The exhibition pays homage to the humanitarian work carried out on their own initiative and in very difficult circumstances by Spanish diplomats in territories administered by German or collaborationist governments in occupied countries. Eduardo Propper de Callejón and Bernardo Rolland de Miota in France; Santiago Romero Radigales in Greece; Julio Palencia in Bulgaria; José de Rojas in Romania; and Ángel Sanz Briz in Hungary, all acted bravely and decisively, taking advantage of Spanish-German friendship to broaden their scope for action and to help persecuted Jewish people.

Spokesperson for the Jewish Museum of Cyprus, Skevi Philippou quoted

"It is important that we continue to teach the lessons of the past, so the younger generations are able to identify the warning signs as they happen. This is why we dedicate each January to the Holocaust. We offer various events and programs that reach people of all ages, especially the youngest generations. We invite the public to reach out to us at the Jewish Museum of Cyprus, to find out more about the many events we host across the island."

For further information please contact: 24668753 or

The exhibition "VISAS for freedom" was organized by The Embassy of Spain in Cyprus, in collaboration with the Aula Cervantes de Nicosia and Casa Sefarad Israel. “Visas for freedom” will be on display for the public from Monday, 30.1.23 to Tuesday 14.1.23 – hours 9:00 – 15:00 Monday to Friday.

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